Convention Photoshoots




How it works:

1 Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer.

2) The shot will be taken in front of a backdrop and with lighting to ensure the best possible image.

3) You will be standing or seated beside the guest, and not leaning over a table.

4) Your picture will be a 6 by 8 inch color photo and, all being equal, should be ready for collection as you leave the photo shoot area.

5) All of this combined should provide you with something unique and special.

Where do you get the tickets?

Pre-sold from the online shop or at the sales booth  at the show if any are still available.

When will the shoots take place?

All the guests shoots will take place during the convention daytime programme. A schedule will be published around a week before the show on this website and will be displayed on posters around the convention areas. Please ensure you arrive at least 5 minutes before your shoot is scheduled to start. Guests will only be at the studio until the queue has cleared and they will not wait around until the next session is scheduled to start.

Where will the photo sessions take place?

The photo studio will be in the main convention area.

What if I have a clash with a talk or another program item I wish to attend ?

Talk to crew at the photo shoot and they will do their best to get you through as quickly as possible so you can get to your other activity.

Does this mean I can't take a picture of the guest during their autograph sessions?

No, there is usually no restriction on taking posed photos at their autograph table because of the photo shoots. The photo shoot is purely an added extra for those that would like it.

There is of course the chance that due to time constraints or the guests wishes that posed photos will be stopped at their autograph table. This is to ensure that all of those that require an autograph can be seen by the guest.

I am not happy how the photo looks?

Please advise crew before you leave the photoshoot if you have an issue with blinking, lens flare, blurring, or print error and you will be able to re-join the line and have a reshoot. The original image will be destroyed. You must request this before you leave the photoshoot as we do not have resources to bring guests back to the studio later in the day.

Can my friend and I both be in the same picture?

The simple answer is yes, but you will both have to have a ticket. It is one ticket per person! You can then pose together in two photos and one copy of each will be developed.

If you buy only one ticket you CAN NOT have two people in the one shot!

Note – if you wish to have more than 4 people, plus the guest(s) in the shot  please let the photoshoot team know before the start of the session so we an accommodate this.

Children under 12 do not require a ticket as long as they are taking part in a photo session with another person who has paid.

What time will the prints be ready?

As you leave the photo shoot area. We use instant printing.

Can I take my own photo in the photo studio?

No – any form of still or video photography is not permitted in the photo studio.

I have gift for the guest, can I give it to them during the photo session?

No – this is not a meet and greet , in most circumstances you should be able to give gifts to guests during the autograph signing sessions

Can I get an autograph during the photo session?

No - autographs are not permitted in the photo studio.

How Do I get a refund if a guest cancels?

Refunds are only available if a guest cancels their appearance at the show. If you do not attend the show, or miss your relevant timeslot, refunds will not be given.

You can either exchange your ticket for an alternative photo-shoot of the equivalent value or a cash refund will be made on the day.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing items through our online store you agree to our terms and conditions.

All photo shoots are non refundable unless the guest cancels.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone from taking part in the photo shoot; if payment has already been made then we will refund them. While it is our intention to have all photos developed during the photo shoot, if for any reason the photos are delayed then we will distribute them later in the day.

We also reserve the right to change the day and times of the photo shoot subject to guest appearance days. Cost of photo session ticket does not include admission to the event or any autographs

Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the photo shoot images remain exclusively with Convention Photoshoots.

Convention photoshoots  reserves the right to refuse anyone from taking part in the photo shoot; if payment has already been made then we will refund them.